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Corn Hole Discourse Community Ryan Smith

Learning a new discourse community at first can be challenging. As you go on trying to learn words or phrases it gets easier to communicate in that discourse community. Recently I had to learn about the corn hole discourse community. I did find some interesting wording and concepts. Like for example if we land it on the board that is technically called a Birdie which equals to one point. Additionally, when I was looking through YouTube over corn hole videos I saw a lot of throwing strategies. Games can often be intense with a result of no one gaining a point because of both teams making all four bags. I also noticed that corn hole is considered a sport, there are pro players who get paid good money just by playing a party game like Ryan Smith. He is considered to be one of the best players as of right now. 

Ryan Smith recently became pro in 2019, He goes by Smitty. The only reason why Ryan became pro was because his brother Shawn Smith got him involved. Rayan then wanted to be the top guy in his area from then things took off.  Ryan’s go-to bags are called BG Corn hole bags. While I was looking at Ryan Smith games I noticed that he used the blocking and cleaning up strategy a lot . Meaning he would block the hole and use the final bag to make all four bags at once. Ryan Smith has multiple ESPN appearances on separate broadcasts. Rayan is originally from Herndon, Virginia.

He Really, Really Wants to Win at Cornhole - WSJ

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